Chan Bhang, Tib. འཕྱན་བྷང་། (1992–2021) was born in the region of Mundong to his father, Ngangwa Sangön and mother, Nagza Phagthar. From the age of ten, he wandered around many schools big and small. From 2015 onward, he chose an uncertain lifestyle like that of a wanderer. He is presently still leading that life and composes unpredictable literature. In his perspective, whether he is able to keep up with new literature or not comes down to two internal conditions, namely his cells and his bones. If the root of one or the other were severed, the essence of solitude would always be found. Of his own poetic compositions, there are two books, and of his translations, there are three.

Lowell Cook is a lover, reader, and researcher of the entire breadth of Tibetan literature, from the ancient Dunhuang manuscripts to contemporary poetry. His aspiration is to be able to share some of the richness of Tibetan literature with the world. He completed his MA in Translation, Philology, and Textual Interpretation at the Rangjung Yeshe Institute in Nepal.